• Online Features

    Online multiplayer for up to 24 players

    Browse servers that other players own, no need for them to be on your friends list.

    Rate and favorite the servers you like best for quick access to them.

    Share your worlds, component packs, and photos with other players. This will give them a copy so they can continue playing your creations, even when you aren't online.

    Powerful administrative tools to give you complete control. Other players can do as much, or as little as you wish.

    Host private sessions. Play with only people who you invite, you will not be listed in the server browser.

    Many different avatars and texture packs to use in your game sessions. These are unlockable in game. No extra charge like other games.

  • More Variety

    A huge assortment or tools, weapons, armor, and jewelery. Fight with your sword, bow, or even your grenade launcher. Along with many more.

    Built in script editor allows you to customize your game in ways never seen before.

    Why build your signs and stairs out of boring old wood or stone textures? With our multi-texture feature, you can select up to 16 different textures to use on these, and other blocks.

    Hunt for a variety of rare items. In the darkest depths of caves, you may spot a chest containing special, more powerful items than what you can normally get. Be carfeul though, you never know what may be guarding them.

    Tired of hiding all your good loot in a chest so that other players don't find it? That's not a problem in Total Miner, just craft yourself a locked chest and your goodies will stay safe.

    Lock your doors to keep people out of your base, or give a key to just the people who you want to be allowed in it.

    Set up teleporter networks. Forgot to bring your best pickaxe with you when you left home for your latest adventure? Not a problem in Total Miner. You can build up to 16 different networks, go anywhere you want in an instant.

    Truly bring your world to life using powered circuits, particle effects, and other features. The only limit is your imagination. If you can dream it up, you can create it.

    Craft and write your own books. Give your world it's own unique storyline.

    Use the camera to take photographs around your world. You can now take your photo and place it on a painting to truly personalize your build. Or send your photo to a friend over Xbox Live, show off the cool things you've been working on.

    Use powerful creative tools to help you build more effectively. Build over large areas, fill large areas, or even copy and paste things you've made. You can then share the components you've made with your friends over Xbox live.

    RPG-like skill system. Gain experience and level up your character in many different areas. Is one enemy mob giving you trouble? With just a bit more training you could become the one terrorizing him.

  • Be Part of Our Community

    Visit The Total Miner Forums to keep up with all the news and information on what is happening in Total Miner.

    Find out what is coming in future updates, straight from the games developers.

    Enter contests. You've probably seen players using the very rare robotic avatar ingame. This is where they got it from. New contests are happening all the time, and the only way to enter is to be a member.

    Share your ideas for the game

    Share pictures and videos of your creations. Join clans, or just find other players to connect with.

  • Staff

    Craig Martin
    [Game Design and Development, Lead Programmer]

    Stephen Martin
    [Graphics Artist and Avatar Models]

    [Website and Forums]

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